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Onyx News

  • Custom Shower Bases are now available with a square drain and can be ordered Online.
  • Drain and square strainer must be ordered with the shower base. The drain body is the same as our current Sioux Chief drain, but the strainer is a square shape.
  • There is an additional fabrication charge for the Custom Shower Base
  • Square strainer is available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes.

Remodel  Green  Inc.  

Our  Onyx  includes  shower  bases,  shower  pans,  tub  replacements,  lavatories,  tub  surrounds,  fireplace  hearths,  slabs,  seats,  trim  and  other  shower  accessories  to  your  specifications  in  almost  any  size,  shape,  and  color,  for  your  new  or  remodeled  bathroom  needs.    

Standard  Bathroom  Showers  

Shower  kits,  shower  bases,  shower  pans,  and  wall  panels  

Choose  from  over  75  standard  shower  kits,  shower  bases,  (shower  pans,)  including  20  tub  replacement  sizes.  Available  in  either  a  low  profile,  full  height,  or  ramped  curb  design.  Different  shapes  include:  Rectangular,  Neo  Angle,  and  Right-­Angle  corner  designs.    

Custom  Bathroom  Shower  

Shower  bases,  shower  pans,  and  wall  panels  

If  your  shower  is  a  unique  size  or  shape,  we  can  customize  it  to  fit  whatever  you  need.  Remodel  Green  Inc.  can  design  and  build  a  custom  shower  base,  shower  pan,  and  custom  shower  wall  panels  for  your  bathroom,  including  handicap  easy  access  showers.  If  you  can  draw,  describe,  or  template  it,  we  can  build  it  for  your  bathroom  remodeling  needs!  

Standard  and  Custom  Bathroom  Lavatories  

Bathroom  lavatory  sinks  and  vanity  tops  

Choose  from  the  many  different  sizes  and  bowl  styles:  single  or  double  bowl,  centered  or  off-­set  bowls,  and  corner  tops.  If  none  of  our  standard  size  lavatory  sink  vanity  tops  fit  your  bath  design,  Remodel  Green  Inc.  can  design  and  build  a  customized  top,  (including  handicap  accessible,)  for  your  bathroom  remodeling  needs.  

Tubs,    Decks  and  Tub  Surrounds  

Remodel  Green  Inc.  does  provide  standard  steel,  cast  iron  and  acrylic  tubs,  tub  decks  and  tub  surrounds.  Finish  your  tub  area  with  all  the  trim  pieces,  skirts,  steps,  and  splashes.  If  you  can  draw,  describe,  or  template  it,  we  can  build  it  for  your  bathroom  remodeling  needs!  

Custom  Slabs  

Our  Onyx  can  be  used  in  many  other  ways..  from  the  simple  to  the  complex.  Custom  window  sills,  make-­up  table  tops,  and  special  shaped  lavatory  sink  vanity  tops.    Use  it  as  a  fireplace  hearth,  fireplace  face,  and  trim  (outside  the  usual  bathroom  environment.)  

Standard  Accessories  for  Showers  

Various  sizes  and  styles  of  bathroom  shower  soap  or  shampoo  caddies,  grab  bars,  towel  bars,  as  well  as  5  standard-­sized  shower  seats.  For  custom-­sized  shower  seats,  (or  bench  seats,)  

Standard  Bathroom  Trim  for  Showers  

Remodel  Green  Inc.  offers  a  variety  of  trim  options:  corner,  crown  molding,  casing,  baseboard,  base  shoe,  chair  rail,  flat,  tile,  coved,  and  rope  trim.  (Corner  block  options  are  also  available  for  many  of  these  trim  options.)  

Standard  and  Custom  Tub  and  shower  Doors  

Fully  frameless  glass,  pull  handles,  finish  options  in  Silver,  Brushed  Nickel  or  Oil  Rubbed  Bronze,  Clear  and  many  obscure  glass  options,  Glass:  3/8"    or  ¼”  thick,  Door  Height:  72"  


New - Square Drains Available for Custom Bases